Monday, July 1

Make Any Outfit Shine with the Right Fashion Jewelry Accents

The fun in dressing up comes from trying on different outfits and seeing what goes with them as far as jewelry and accessories. A simple necklace or beaded bracelet can set off an otherwise drab outfit and make it sparkle. You can also up cycle a few pieces from last year’s wardrobe by dressing them up with a lovely pair of earrings, a choker or strand of cultured pearls as well as a pair of new boots or strappy sandals.

Thursday, April 11

The Importance of Beauty Bags

Most of the women never forget to take their Makeup Bag when going out of their home. Just like the makeup, a beauty bag is the most essential accessory. This handy bag carries all the necessary makeup stuff. It is not just meant for holding makeup, but a number of other household items. Many women use it to hold their makeup on a regular basis and some use it while traveling or taking an overnight trip. Whatever the situation is, a beauty bag should be a statement of who you are. Choosing the type of bag reveals whether you’re bold, flirty, or a practical person.

Tuesday, April 9

How to Buy the Perfect Beauty Gift

It is no secret that many, if not all, women to some extent look to the cosmetic giants of the world, when they want to enhance their natural beauty, go for a new look or simply just to experiment with make-up. It’s also true that all women have a Make-up Bag, skincare routine or collection of nail polishes and indeed many have all three. So, when buying a gift for the beauty queens in your life, where is the best place to turn?

A quick assessment of her beauty style should provide some answers. For a fresh-faced girl, bright colours and crazy styles aren’t going to be the perfect gift. Likewise, for the more out-there girl who is perhaps a bit experimental, an array of neons and unorthodox patterns are an option. When buying for themselves, women generally look for colours which compliment their natural features such as their eye colour, lip colour and skin tone. Take these things into account when choosing a beauty product for her. Here are a few suggestions for beautiful, beauty-based gifts:
(Top row, l-r: Perfect Ten Nail Polish Set by Debenhams, Empower Eyeshadow Palette by Illamasqua, Glossybox Six Months Subscription by Glossybox. Bottom row, l-r: Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette by Look Fantastic, Gin and Rose Water Shea Butter Hand Cream by Mia Fleur, Liz Earle Skin Care Gift Set by John Lewis)

This select few prove that quality doesn’t have to mean expense. If you spend a bit of time and put that little effort in, you can find some beautiful products out there. Although the regular corporate companies will be your default starting point, be aware that there is a lot more choice online with a range of smaller boutiques offering unique, good-quality gifts too.

A pretty gift set full of smooth, lush-smelling products dressed in delicate packaging makes the ideal gift for every beauty lover. No matter how much make-up, creams and lotions a girl has, she can never resist a new set. Look for ribbons, handy cosmetic cases and interesting boxes to ensure the gift is so much more than just the product.

You’d be surprised at how these little touches can have such an effect on the reaction of the receiver of your gift. If she loves to pamper herself every once in a while, this is a great choice!

Written by Alex Pattinson, Marketing and Social Media Executive at AskHerFriends.

Monday, April 8

Making the Right Decision about charms for your Nomination bracelet

Nomination charms were created by a guy called Paolo Gensini and they first came about in the eighties in Tuscany. You might recognise them as ‘Italian charm bracelets’ but they’re now more commonly known as Nomination bracelets. The way that the charms connect with Nomination bracelets is different to your ordinary charm bracelet. Instead of charms hanging on to a carrier, the charms connect together to form the bracelet itself. To start off your Nomination charm bracelet, you need to purchase a starter bracelet which is full of plain links. When you buy charms, you need to swap the plain links out – collect these plain links up and then use them to create another starter bracelet.

You can show off your creativity and uniqueness with your Nomination charm bracelet as you select the types of charms on your bracelet. There are around 2000 different styles of Nomination charms so it can often be difficult to whittle it down to just a handful of charms for your bracelet. I thought I would write this post to share with you some of my favourite charms and what charms I have on my bracelet to give you some inspiration. 

A few months ago, I celebrated my birthday and my boyfriend gave me a lovely gold heart Nomination charm with a ribbon around it, it was such a cute charm and lovely gesture … it’s safe to say that he was definitely in my good books! He also bought me a charm with a ‘H’ on it because that’s his initial – I thought this was really sweet and reminded me of the ‘KW’ earrings that Kanye West bought for Kim Kardashian – buying jewellery with your partners initials seems to be really popular at the moment. 

I really like the stone Nomination charms, they’re my favourite type. I’ve added them to my wishlist for Mother’s Day as I don’t actually have any on my bracelet at the moment. They’re lovely, really stunning and give off a fantastic shine when the sunlight hits them! I like the faceted versions, they’re my favourite.
Another type of Nomination charm that I’m really keen on is the drop charms. Currently, on my bracelet I have a gold anchor charm to represent the seaside, my hometown is along the coast so I wanted something to reflect this.  I have the horseshow drop charm on my wishlist at the moment … it’s lovely and would hopefully bring me a bit of luck!

In the Nomination charm collection, there are lots of plain and patterned charms – if you want to make your detailed charms stand out then the best way to do this is by adding plain or patterned charms around them to help them pop. If you like to visit lots of different places and countries, like me, then you’ll like the world-themed charms – there are lots of varieties including Uncle Sam’s hat, and Irish Dancer and a Yorkshire Rose.  There are also flag charms, I tend to buy one every time I come off holiday to represent the country I’ve visited.

Selena Hamsley is a new blogger with a keen interest in anything jewellery or fashion related. The products reviewed here are from XenJewellery.

Friday, March 22

How to Create the Ultimate Pamper Day

Whether it’s your loved ones birthday or your anniversary, it’s always a thoughtful idea to pamper someone to tell them how much they mean to you. Whether it’s your partner, a friend or your mum, everyone loves a pamper day.

One of the best ways to help someone relax and unwind is to take them to a spa for the day. There are a range of treatments from relaxing facials to full back massages to de-stress and revitalize someone. Spa days are the ultimate pamper session. You can get passes for half a day, or you can opt for relaxing full day spas.

Not everyone finds getting their back rubbed or getting into a clay bath relaxing, so seek out treatments that won’t make them feel uncomfortable. Facials or hand and foot manicures are great as they don’t take as long as a full massage but can still make someone feel pampered without taking up the whole day.

Pampering someone can make them feel special and booking a makeover and photoshoot is a sure fire way to make that person feel at their best and their most glamorous. Why not try a mother-daughter makeover photo shoot or a couple’s shoot?  It’s a great way to commemorate the day and have a memory long after the special event.

After you’ve done the spa or photo shoot take them out for lunch or afternoon tea. Many spa centre’s will have smoothie bars and some will offer a two course lunch or afternoon tea as part of a package. Choose a relaxing place to have lunch. A busy food court won’t exactly make someone feel treated and pampered. A riverside location, park, or quaint tea room will help someone to feel at ease. If the weather’s good, take a picnic with you and relax in a national trust park, zoo or by a river.

Shopping is another great way to pamper someone. Being treated and spoilt is always good but check where they’d want to go first. Dragging someone around a busy shopping centre for hours can leave them with a sore feet and a banging headache - not the most relaxing of activities. Although you may want to treat them to an expensive handbag, check whether they’d rather have a few new outfits instead. Buying them something they’ve wanted for a while will be a treat they appreciate.

Tailor the day to their interests and hobbies. If your girlfriend/friend/mum is a Mary Berry wannabee, consider putting them on a cupcake making class. Some people find cooking therapeutic and this may just be their idea of a pamper day. Similarly if they’re a sociable person, a cocktail making course could be right up their street. Alternatively in the evening take them out for cocktails. If they’ve just had a makeover, it’s a great way they can continue feeling glam and show off their enhanced look.

Pamper days can end up being expensive, so when the evening comes, home cook their favourite meal or even order their favourite food. Buy something fizzy and sit and relax listening to some music or put on a feel good film. If you have deeper pockets, then take your loved one out for a meal, it’s a great way to finish off the day.

Author Bio: This article was brought to you by Search for a Spa which is a site that helps you find the best spa deals in the UK.

Thursday, March 21

How to Choose a Modeling Agency

So, you’re looking to become a model? There are some things you should seriously consider before diving head first into what is often called one of the most glamorous yet harsh industries to be in. It’s a cement jungle with an assortment of exotic lipsticks and stunning chiffon. Though it’s beautiful, it’s also something you have to really want and be willing to work hard for – after all every jungle has its predators. And false agencies is one of them, the first thing to remember when looking for a modeling agency is that no agency should be asking you to pay them to be signed with them. Myself {and many other models before me} have made the mistake of trusting a seemingly posh place that asked for thousands in portfolio and class fees then didn’t pay up after completing a job. But, there are also very many reputable agencies out there too that could really take your modeling career to the next level. Here are a few tips and tricks to make finding the right agency for you a little easier and what to consider:

#1 – What TYPE of modeling you want to do? Are you looking to be a commercial model, high fashion model, athletic, nude, still? Find an agency that accommodates the best type of model you’re striving to be.
#2 – Are they asking you for money? If they are walk away, right now. Some will require you to pay a website fee which is reasonable. But never should they charge you for anything else beyond that.

#3 – Location? This is a big one, here you must carefully balance experience with talent and look. You must go where the work is. For example, you live in Salt Lake City Utah and have a high fashion look. If you apply for a top modeling agency in New York and they like you be prepared to move there. If you apply and they don’t like you start looking around locally and find an agency that’s reputable in your area to get experience. 

#4 – Reputation? Now that you’ve narrowed your search down to a few agencies, consider the following: What are the reviews from other models that are represented by them? Are they a team you would be happy to represent and have them represent you? Are they well-known in your area? Have they booked reputable models? Know with whom you’re working.
Now that you’re prepared to start working, remember to be professional, be fierce, take advice and criticism seriously and last but not least have fun!

Author Byline:
Ashley Lunt is a professional model that has had experience in this high-energy industry for a year and has learned a lot of lessons along the way.

How to get into the Modelling Industry

Learning the tips and tricks of the modelling industry is extremely important in order to be successful, according to a number of leading modelling agencies. The experts advise that the best ways to get noticed as a model is by building a portfolio, maintaining a good image at all times and use all forms of online promotional materials to get noticed. It is all about knowing how to promote yourself during

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