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Make Any Outfit Shine with the Right Fashion Jewelry Accents

The fun in dressing up comes from trying on different outfits and seeing what goes with them as far as jewelry and accessories. A simple necklace or beaded bracelet can set off an otherwise drab outfit and make it sparkle. You can also up cycle a few pieces from last year’s wardrobe by dressing them up with a lovely pair of earrings, a choker or strand of cultured pearls as well as a pair of new boots or strappy sandals.

Dress for the Occasion
One tip for accessorizing is to match the style of your jewelry to the occasion or event. Business outfits like a white blouse and pencil skirt would look stunning with a simple heart locket or pair of drop earrings. Work clothing is usually muted so your accessories should be as well. However, when the occasion is a party or night out, you can let more of your personality shine through with a necklace and Smokey quartz bracelet or silver bangles. Tops with a low neckline look great with a long necklace of beads, stones or pearls. Shorter necklines look good with choker-style necklaces and stud earrings with diamonds or gemstones.

Dress for the Season
Accessorizing is another way to brighten up a seasonal wardrobe. Summer is when most people wear clothing that shows more skin, so why not show off that nice tan with a sparkly bead and crystal necklace or anklet to show off a pretty new pedicure. Winter wardrobes don’t have to be boring either. Gold and silver jewelry looks great with sweaters and jeans or a skirt and black boots. Dark colored stones such as Smokey quartz, lavender quartz, garnet and ruby make lovely accents for any neutral colored items. One word of caution though, remembers to put jewelry on last to avoid getting snagged on clothing.

Keep it Simple
Remember when accessorizing, that less is sometimes more. Always check your look in the mirror before going out. A few too many accessories can detract from the look you are trying to achieve. Keep it simple by sticking to no more than three pieces of jewelry for any outfit and check to see how it looks. Sometimes you can add more without overwhelming the look.

Add a little of Your Own Style into What You Wear
When shopping for jewelry, choose pieces that express your personality as well as something that looks attractive. Small, dainty silver chains look beautiful set off by a black or white top, while a comfy sweater can look great with a set of beads or chunky bracelets. If you are wearing prints, keep it small and delicate. Large, bold prints or bright colors beg for jewelry that is as bold as they are. Cuff bracelets, chokers and leather accessories go well with bolder styles.

Take as much time and care shopping for your jewelry as you do your clothing. Your style is all about being unique, so make sure to take your time and pick out pieces that you like and that are “you.” Your personality will shine through, and you will have a look that is all your own.

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