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Choosing the Best Makeup Brushes

Makeup brushes are the most essential tools for makeup. Your entire makeup depends upon the brush you choose. This makeup tool can either make or break your makeup. Choosing the right one will give you the precise application. The availability of a variety of makeup brushes will make you confuse to choose the right one. Do not purchase a large set with a huge number of brushes, if some of them are not going to be used. Before purchasing, you should know what each of the brushes is designed for. By keeping some key things in mind, you’ll be able to get the best makeup brushes.

Key Tips:

Check for the best hair in the brush. Select brushes made from squirrel, sable, mink, and weasel which are best yet expensive. If you’re looking for something reasonable, look for brushes made of goat, pony, and human hair.

·Brushes having natural bristles are good for applying powder makeup. It effectively picks up pigments    and oils from the skin. Synthetic bristles are widely used for applying liquid foundation. Choose small synthetic brushes for applying eyeliner and concealer.

·For eye shadow, choose a small and soft brush having a square shaped head. It will help you apply both powder and cream eye shadow. A small brush with a tapered head will smoothly blend different shadow colours.

·Lipstick is generally applied directly from the tube. But, there are special lip brushes that are similar to concealer brushes. They are smaller with firmer tip. If you’re often on the go, get the one that comes with a covered case.

·A lip brush having fine bristles and straight edge is good. Pick a small lip brush with a pointed tip for applying lip liner. If you usually don’t like lip brush, then stick to your lipstick.   

·While choosing a makeup brush, check whether it is quite durable. Make sure the bristles tightly hold the base of the brush. A weak brush will result in an imperfect application. Choose the one that will perform well for a longer period.

·Price is an important factor when choosing a makeup brush set. You can obviously buy makeup brushes according to your budget. But, in fact you’ll get the best shots from bit expensive pieces.

They will last for years by offering you the perfect makeup.Finally, invest well for your makeup brushes. Quality products will let you explore endless makeup techniques. They will bring the professional look in you. Don’t just buy a good set of makeup brush; take care of them after every application. Take your time to choose the right set and even maintain them for a long term usage.

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