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Can anti-aging tights help really firm, tone and soothe tired legs? – A beauty PR challenge

 With anti-aging lotions and potions dominating the beauty market, it is a constant battle for beauty PRs to ensure that their products remain ahead of numerous competitors. Continuous research into anti-ageing methods means that the beauty ‘must-haves’ are ever changing, insisting that market-leaders must constantly evolve in order to remain abreast of recent developments.

With the maintenance of a youthful appearance being a primary concern of so many, it is more important than ever for healthcare PRs to demonstrate that their clients are authorities on the subject, for example, by ensuring that practitioners of both invasive and non-invasive cosmetic procedures comment on recent developments and products.
With the popularity of anti-ageing cosmetics continually increasing, it was only a matter of time before the fashion world decided to capitalise on this huge money earner.

Enter the new Charnos anti-aging tights

For SS13, Charnos has released a ‘Wellbeing’ collection of tights, which claim to contain rejuvenating properties which help women look and feel fantastic. The hosiery, from the ‘Energise and Support’ range, are made with a special 'microencapsulate blend' made up of Vitamin E, Honey, Kelp and Shea Butter.

This combination of ingredients is intended to fulfill a multitude of functions, among them the improvement of skin tone, stimulation of blood flow which would prevent cellulite, and gentle moisturizing of dry, flaky skin. As the wearer moves, the ingredients are released and absorbed into the skin throughout the day. At the same time, the fabric has been designed in such a way as to provide gentle support for the legs and help to relieve tiredness.

Another brand which has gone for a fashion and beauty collaboration is Skin Kiss, who has released a selection of caffeine tights and shapewear which claim to have slimming benefits.

Effects on the beauty PR landscape

With the release of these tights comes the responsibility of PR consultants to capitalise on both the fashion and beauty angles of the product. The collaboration of the two will doubtless prove popular, perhaps especially among busy women who don’t have time to primp and preen every inch of their bodies on a daily basis.

At the same time, PR agencies which represent other beauty or fashion brands need to ensure that their clients own products aren’t forgotten with the development of multi-functional items.

Similarly, healthcare PR consultants must react to the latest releases to maintain the popularity of surgical and non-surgical anti-ageing procedures, the effects of which cannot be achieved by a pair of £6 tights.  This will involve reputation management for prominent surgeons alongside good media relations in order to promote their services as certain procedures, in particular surgical ones, can often come to be mistrusted by the public after they have been presented negatively in the press.

This post was written on behalf of award-winning London PR agency PHA Media. More beauty and fashion PR insights can be found on their site


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