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10 Tips on How to Build your Wardrobe

If your closet is full of different clothes but you still have problems deciding what to wear, then you need to build your wardrobe. A functional, comfortable, cute and fashion forward wardrobe can help you to develop a delightful art of intertwining different pieces of clothing and thus create a unique fashion style of your own. However, building a wardrobe involves proper planning, money, time and can be daunting.

If you would like to incorporate style and character, it's important that you dedicate your energy into ensuring that your wardrobe is functional for many years to come. Leaf through the following article and learn the top 10 tips on how to build your wardrobe.

#Tips on How to Build your Wardrobe

*1. Clear the Closet
Clearing out your closet and then updating it is a crucial step in building a wardrobe. You can start by donating clothes that are outdated, worn out or those that don't fit you anymore. The clothes that you haven't worn for a long period of time, say three years, should also be included in this list.

*2. Lifestyle
You now need to hang your clothes in the closet. At this point in time, you should put to heart your lifestyle. Think about your job, formal functions, how often you go out, your social habits etc. If you spend fifty percent of your time in a work related environment, then fifty percent of whatever you hang in your closet should be business appropriate.

*3. The Basics
A functional wardrobe should have basics in it. Simply put, basics are those pieces of clothes that you wear regularly, and can wear well with other pieces of clothing in your clothing. They include a pair of jeans, white T-shirt, pencil skirt etc. Again, make sure that you include your lingerie in this group. This is mainly because lingerie can enhance or ruin your whole outfit. You can visit online lingerie stores and shop for different types of sexy lingerie and baby dolls that will definitely wear well with any outfit you opt for.

*4. Neutral Colors
Color is an integral part of fashion. However, when building your wardrobe, you have to give a lot of emphasize on neutral colors. This includes brown, black, grey, navy, tan, white and cream. Neutral colors help you to build an endless combination of outfits and are great especially for traveling and work outfits.

*5. Trends
You should not forget to follow up the fashion trends but do not over do the mix up. A few trendy pieces would not hurt but since fashion come and go, make sure that you don't spend a fortune in the name of trend. Instead focus on style and personality.

*6. Balance
You cannot build a wardrobe using two or three types of clothing; jean, t-shirt and pencil skirts. You'll definitely get bored due to the lack of style flexibility. Therefore, make sure that you have a balanced selection that include formal attire, dresses, casual attire and work attire.

*7. Accessorize
Building your own wardrobe is akin to accessorizing effectively. A dangly earring can enhance an outfit that a small stud earring can't. You therefore need to know which pieces go with which outfit and which don't. Layering is also important as it adds depth, character and personality.

*8. Personality
Though your lifestyle or work environment may dictate your dressing standards, you can incorporate personality into your outfits and make your style unique.

*9. The Fit
Part of creating a well-put-together look is having clothes that fit you well. As such, make sure that you purchase clothes that fit and if you have some that are a little bit loose, find a good tailor that can make the appropriate adjustments.

*10. Fashion
As aforementioned, don't think much of fashion when buying your clothes. Think of style, character and personality. Choose clothes that you'll be comfortable in and colors that look good on you.

Though the process sounds complicated and arduous, these 10 tips on how to build a wardrobe will help you develop the confidence you need to create multiple outfits. Good luck.


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